What’s Inside ProcurA?

Artikel ini ditulis oleh Sigit Prayoga – CTO dari ProcurA.

The core value in ProcurA is trust. Co-founders and newly-hired-fresh-graduate employees are able to have a discussion. Especially, those who are related to product improvement, workflow or even business development.

Without trust, communication will not work effectively. We tend to be suspicious and insecure, which many problems happened on a daily basis. How we are going to solve those problems when they have the insecurity of telling the truth.

Company is a family on a larger scale. However, we should have the same basic foundation.

We trust everyone here.

“Well not everyone is trustworthy, how do you manage that?”

During the hiring process for months, we believe that hiring a person who fits with the company’s culture is more important than a person who can write Ruby.

“How do you assess a candidate?”

Talk to them, not interrogate them. Here’s the definition of talk in dictionary:

Give information: Definitely, they do, such as where they live, where did they go to college, what major they took. It’s easy to grasp and everyone has it.

Express ideas or feelings: This is the most important part and not everyone has it and/or able to deliver it during the talk. In ProcurA, we need everyone is aware of what they’re doing. This is the basic thing they all should have so that they can detect if something goes wrong and raise ideas on how to tackle it. At least, escalate to a higher person who can decide what to do next.

Without trust, everyone will do anything under pressure without a safety belt. Here’s the result:

  1. Insecurity – how this person will take care of our customers?
  2. Unsure – what do you think if this person should learn something new?
  3. Selfish – only work for themselves, no team building
  4. Turnover rate is high – we have hired more than 30 people in a year, only 1 person resigned, means only 3%

With trust, these perks are the result:

  1. Flexible working time
  2. Work remotely
  3. Team building
  4. Casual outfit – unless you have a customers’ meeting 😀
  5. Upcoming: ping-pong table and coffee machine. Hm.

So that’s our core values and working culture in ProcurA. Contribute wholeheartedly and #StayHappy.

Want to join us and #StayHappy? Visit and apply here procura.id/career.


Originally posted on https://virkea.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PH/pages/15761470/Inside+ProcurA